Work in your local community

Local Activity Leaders:
In some centres we hire local Activity Leaders. These Activity Leaders are the face of STS during the programme, responsible for planning and participating in the activities on site. They are the students’ go-to-person during activities and excursions, responsible and reliable adults that can listen, set boundaries and stay positive, clam and creative when unexpected things happen. Our Local Activity Leaders work in an international setting with leaders, staff and students from all over the world, which requires a passion for travel and working with children and young adults.

Local Centre Staff:
STS Centre Staff run the operative and seasonal office and represent the STS brand on site. They generally work in teams and run the operations on site during the actual programmes. Local Centre Managers lead the teams on site and support our activity leaders to help ensure that the students get the best summer imaginable. Our Centre Staff are responsible for the planning and organisation of logistics, accommodation, activities and the academic schedule, and they make sure that everything runs smoothly at the centre. This work takes place in a very international setting, running the operations with local suppliers and stakeholders while managing a team of staff and leaders from all over the world. Centre Staff normally work for a period of 1-3 months during which they act as mentors and role models for our activity leaders and create a high-energy work environment to drive STS’s mission.

Academic Positions:
In some countries, STS run centres that welcome students from all over the world. At these centres we hire Teachers, Lead Teachers and Directors of Studies. Many of our Teachers are EFL certified and exclusively teach students that have come to their location on a short programme. Lead Teachers and Directors of Studies plan and supervise the teachers and the academic programme in an international setting of students and colleagues. 

STS interviewers are often former students, host families or parents that in one way or another have been in contact with or directly involved in one of our programmes. As an interviewer you will meet potential students, hear about their dreams, share your story and inform them about our programmes as a part of their application process.

Local Coordinators:
Local Coordinators work in their local community to support our exchange students and local host families in their everyday life. The Local Coordinator is also the contact person for the school and the STS sales office, serving as a mentor to the exchange students and playing an important role in the success of the programme. The Local Coordinator actively builds new and inspiring relationships within the area where they live, while organising intercultural experiences for the students, building international friendships for life!

Regional Directors:
In Host Countries where we have many students and Local Coordinators, we also have Regional Directors, who are the link between the Local Coordinators and the STS office in the host country. The Regional Director works with Local Coordinators, with training and orientation, as well as with communicating on behalf of the STS Office. As a Regional Director, you will be responsible for a network of Local Coordinators who work with students from all over the world.

Study Abroad Representative:
In the US, UK and Australia, we offer the Study Abroad Plus programme. This is a package programme which consists of academic higher education at a local University or College. In the package we also provide housing alternatives for the first semester and arrange for a local contact person on site, called the Study Abroad Representative. If you are interested in having a part-time job that involves a network of international students, this is the position for you.

Student Ambassador: 
If you have been abroad with STS on one of our programmes, you can join our Ambassador network to share your story and actively help other students make their dreams come true, all while collecting rewards and prizes. For more information about our Ambassador programme, please contact your local sales office.