Work at a Sales Office in a Nordic Country

STS Norway
The Oslo office is quite small, but don’t let that fool you. Our charming gang consists of sales, marketing and program production. We are proof that quality exceeds quantity, each and every time. Our Marketing Team runs social media channels, organizes events and student fairs, and collaborates with our ambassadors. Our sales and program team are true experts in their field, giving information and guidance to all our customer’s needs. Whatever curveball is thrown at these skilled problem solvers, it always gets knocked out of the park. With the guidance of our country manager we always can deliver the best results. We are thirsty for knowledge and hungry for success.

STS Denmark
Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, our office is full of employees who have a great passion for travel and education. Katrine makes sure our sales activities are aligned with our online campaigns (she also has a passion for interior and helped to design our office). Henriette always comes to work with a smile, she works with Language Schools and is a great resource when talking to customers. Tilde works with our high school program and has a great knowledge about all our different products. Marie-Louise has gone on an exchange herself and is a great resource when preparing the students and parents for their big adventure. Gitte is our one-woman-army, based in the Western part of Denmark, she takes care of Sales Coordination and works as a coordinator for students arriving into Denmark. Per is the manager of the office, when he isn’t working you can find him playing soccer and cooking. Our offices’ passion for travel has given us an interest in foreign cultures, which we use in our work every day and try to pass onto our customers.

STS Sweden and Finland
Our positive and committed team consists of a group of engaged and experienced Sales, Program and Admissions experts who on a daily basis strive to empower young people to explore the world and find a new place to call home away from home. We are fortunate enough that both sales offices sit side by side, representing Sweden and Finland. Together we are passionate about preparing students for the STS journey including foreign cultures, international studies and new connections beyond the home boundaries. All of us at STS enjoy sharing our own unique stories along the way.