Transportation Trainee

HQ - Gothenburg Apply before: 2019-10-10

Department: Global Operations
Location: Gothenburg HQ
Program: STS Global Trainee Program
Position: Full time
Salary: Unpaid (salary is paid for the international assignments)
Program Start: October 2019 / January 2020 (These are flexible if we find the right candidate)
Program End: September 2020

Are you or are you about to be Amadeus/IATA certified and would you like to be a part of our global transportation department that works with student travel all over the world?

The Trainee Period

Our Transportation Trainee Program is divided into three main assignments:

  • The first one is directly connected to booking tickets in Amadeus as a part of our global transportation team.
  • Assignment two is an innovative project where you will be a part of the team that develops the transport solution in our business system. This team consists of the HQ transportation team as well as our UK production team.
  • The last assignment will be the international assignment that most likely will be in Paris or London during parts of the summer of 2020. This part of the program is under development at the moment and we will be able to elaborate more on the details during the in-person meetings phase of the recruitment process.

Each assignment will be decided more detailed upon between the Trainee and their supervisor, based on the operational needs of the company and the interests and skills of the Trainee.

Trainee Content

As our Transportation Trainee, you will be directly involved in how we develop our transportation strategy for the future. You will have internal communication within our 15 offices around the world as we handle the bookings for their customers. You will assist in the planning and execution of a new and more environmentally sustainable transportation project in Europe during the summer of 2020.


  • Search for, book and issue international individual and group tickets in Amadeus
  • Search for, book and issue domestic individual tickets in Amadeus
  • Administrate transportation information in our business system
  • Assist in our European project for more environmentally sustainable student travel
  • Contribute and assist in a development project of the transportation module in our business system

Activities & Development

During the program you will primarily work with three assignments. The details will be agreed upon by you and your Team-leader. Throughout the assignments you will have activities, training and development opportunities within your field. This can consist of meetings with our suppliers, collaboration meetings with our co-production offices as well as our sales offices online or in person.

International Study Visits

You, as a Transport Trainee will get to set a placement for two different international study visits. These will take place at two of the STS’s country offices. These study visits are a great way for you to see different branches and operations of our global company.

Paid International Assignment

This amazing opportunity is something unique to our program. The international assignment is there to help you develop both personally and professionally. During this assignment you will have the opportunity to coordinate/manage a part of the STS Production and be a part of the complex transportation coordination in person. You will be handling tasks that are typical for an international company’s operations and you will gain a unique understanding of the STS products and what it is like to work in a diverse, international and fast paced environment where unpredictable situations constantly occur and are handled in an instant and professional way. You will be a part of a global team and gain insight into different cultures and see how they impact work and relationships across the globe. After the trainees completes their International Assignment, they will return to HQ to continue their Trainee Program with an evaluation and constant improvement focus.

You’ll be given plenty of responsibility from day one and the career possibilities after the trainee program is finished are endless. Want to kick start your career?

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For more information or details you can read through our Career Page or find direct information to our Global Operations Trainee Program here

For questions please contact:

Seasonal Recruitment Manager
Sadie Champlin