Global Production Trainee

HQ - Gothenburg Apply before: 2019-10-10

Department: Global Operations
Location: Gothenburg HQ
Program: STS Global Trainee Program
Position: Full time
Salary: Unpaid (salary is paid for the international assignments)
Program Start: October 2019 / January 2020 (These are flexible if we find the right candidate)
Program End: September 2020

Do you want to be a part of our global journey, improving our international and cultural student programs, reaching into new markets, developing exciting adventures and creating the best student experience ever?

The Trainee Period

Our Production Trainee Program is divided into 5 sections (4 Assignments and a paid International Assignment). Each assignment will be decided upon in detail between the Trainee and their supervisor, based on the operational needs of the company and the interest of the Trainee.

  • Assignment 1: Administration and information
  • Assignment 2: Innovation and creativity in production
  • Assignment 3: Organization and logistics in an international environment
  • Assignment 4: Evaluations and adjustment in production
  • International Assignment: Assist or lead an international STS student center in the UK or the US

Trainee Content

As our Production Trainee, you will have a direct impact on our Production on a global level. You will create and coordinate information and material and have internal communication with our offices around the world to support and prepare them for the high season of summer 2020. You will assist in the general planning of our production worldwide and you will independently handle production for a specific project.


  • Coordinate, collect and organize information and material from our offices and departments around the world to prepare our customers for their international adventures
  • Research and produce a new destination for the STS market based on the demands from our sales offices and marketing department as well as in line with the global travel and education trends
  • Independently coordinate the organization and logistics of an already produced program abroad
  • Assist or lead an STS international study center during parts of the summer of 2020. This international assignment might be combined with 1-3 shorter assignments abroad.
  • Evaluate and suggest adjustments to the projects that you have been responsible for

Activities & Development

The details of your assignments will be agreed upon by you and your Team-leader. Throughout the assignments you will have activities, training and development opportunities arranged by STS. This can consist of meetings with our vendors and suppliers, collaboration meetings with our partners abroad as well as our sales and production offices outside of Sweden.

International Study Visits

You, as a Production Trainee will get to set a placement for 1-3 shorter international study visits. These will take place at STS’s country offices or in STS Study Centres. These study visits are a great way for you to see different branches and operations of our global company.

Paid International Assignment

This amazing opportunity is something unique to our program. The international assignment is there to help you develop both personally and professionally. During this assignment you will have the opportunity to assist or manage a part of the STS Product and meet our students on site whilst on program. You will be handling tasks that are typical for an international company’s operations and you will gain a unique understanding of the STS products and what it is like to work in a diverse and fast paced environment. You will also gain insight into different cultures and how they impact work and relationships daily. After the trainee completes their International Assignment, they will return to HQ to finnish their Trainee Program.

You’ll be given plenty of responsibility from day one and the career possibilities after the trainee program is finished are endless. Want to kick start your career?

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For more information or details you can read through our Career Page or find direct information to our Global Operations Trainee Program here

For questions please contact:

Seasonal Recruitment Manager
Sadie Champlin